10 Great Things About Adolf Hitler Unknown to the World

The leader of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945, Adolf Hitler, is mostly known for his fascist policies and the killing of more than 11 million people. But many people don’t know that the dictator also did some good things.For example, during his leadership Germany managed to recover after war and he also helped modern society to thrive today. The following are the 10 things about Adolf Hitler that are unknown to the world.

1. Born in Austria

Adolf Hitler wasn’t from Germany as many people believe. Actually he was born in Branau am Inn, in Austria, on April 20, 1889 and spent most of his childhood years in the country.

2. Dreamed of becoming a priest

When he was around 4 years old, Hitler was humbled by a priest of his town, when the clerk saved him from hypothermia, by pulling him out of a freezing lake in the middle of winter. Of course later on in his life he changed his ideas and understood that being a priest wasn’t enough for him, but he wanted to be God.

3. He was in love with a Jew girl
The leader who wanted to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth, had actually a crush on a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. This was the time when Hitler was in his younger days and hadn’t grown into his full evil self yet. It was said that her was shy around her and had never told her how he truly loved her.

4. Believed in family values

Actually Hitler was a strong supporter of the traditional family and its values. This was also the principle doctrine of Nazis in Germany, because they thought that it was a special thing to try to raise your children and the whole family stays united. In fact, Hitler was a master in helping with financial incentives the poor families of his country. For example, he provided a number of great things for them, like marriage loans, family allowances and child subsides.

5. He didn’t like to eat meat

After his niece committed suicide, he became so disgusted that he actually renounced meat forever. He even tried to discourage other people from eating meat. In 134 he also passed a hunting law, which is known as ‘The Reich Hunting Law’, that regulated proper hunting seasons and how many animals could actually be killed within a year. During his leadership, he also passed more hunting laws.

6. Never took off his jacket in public

The personal appearance of a leader is always very important. He wanted to establish a certain look as a leader and he never took off his jacket in from of his public and always wore pre-tid neckties.

7. Constructed large Freeways

When he became a chancellor, he constructed many autobahns (large freeways) in Germany. More specifically, their construction began in September 1933 and by December 1941, they workers had completed 2.400 miles and had also another 1,440 miles under construction. The highway network in Germany helped the country to prosper.

8. Proposed the construction of a cheap car

Hitler proposed to build a car that it could be affordable by anyone. He actually named it ‘KdF Wagen (abbreviation for ‘Kraft durch Freude’ – Strength through Joy) and he actually advised the designer that the new car should resemble a beetle. In 1934 Porsche was awarded the contract, by submitting a great car design. One year later, at the German auto show, Hitler praised Porsche and wanted to call the factory the ‘Porsche plan’, but the owner of Porsche didn’t like the idea. Instead, the factory was named Volkswagen plant and the car that was produced had a big success.

9. Established the Winter Help Work

Winter Help Work (WHW) was an amazing campaign against cold and hunger. Welfare programs were very important and money for the poor people were collected in many ways. It was said that between 1933 and 1934 the WHW beneficiaries exceeded 16.6 million Germans who were in need.

10. Created the Blow-up dolls

He was the only responsible of these strange toys for his men. He actually didn’t want his men to get involved physically or emotionally with women, so he came up with this peculiar idea. He understood that his men had sexual needs and in order to please them he created the blow-up dolls. These dolls were actual suitable alternatives of real women. Actually Hitler thought that these plastic girls could be great substitutes of real women.

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