10 Shocking Sex Scandals from the Medieval World

Anytime you turn on the television or read a newspaper these days, it seems that there is another politician or celebrity who has been involved in a sexual scandal. Whether it involves prostitution rings, bathroom solicitations for homosexual encounters, child perpetrators, extra-marital affairs, pornography or multiple-partner liaisons, it seems to be rather complex and disturbing to not only those close to them but also many individuals in society.

We cannot help but wonder why people who invest years of their lives into developing a career and family will risk it all for sex.One Medicine Hat lawyer is very wise in his warnings to others. He states “You can spend a lifetime developing a reputation and then lose it all in a second.” Some theorists believe that many people in power they think they are above the law and can do as they please. Others believe that those involved believe that they can purchase enough confidentiality to protect themselves from “getting caught.” A third group argues that those who are involved either consciously or subconsciously desire to get caught because they desperately want help.Medieval Europe was cautious about sex; The following are accounted sex scandals in history

1. Abelard And Heloise

In the eve of the twelveth century, Peter Abelard was the most prominent philosopher in medieval Europe. Was always heard by masses, while students paid him magnanimously to act as their teacher. He slept with one of his students. He married the student secretly but later revealed the marriage when a son was born to him.

2. The Swedish King And His Sister-In-Law

Jutta was the female offspring of King Eric four of Scandinavian nation. As a girl, she was placed in a house, where she was presupposed to live for the rest of her life. She was given hospitality by her sister Sophia, who was a spouse to King Valdemar of Sweden. Unluckily, Valdemar started a romantic affair with the beautiful princess. They even sired a baby together. Sweden was in an uproar once she heard the sad news.The king os Sweden made a journey to the pope for forgiveness. His brothers later overthrew him as a result of the scandal

3. The Naughty Nuns of Littlemore

In 1517, the local priest chose to inspect Littlemore cloister in Oxfordshire, England and uncovered the disgraceful behaviour of the nuns living there. Presumably, the sisters “romped and played with boys in the cloister.”Even the prioress had an illegitimate daughter by a priest from Kent. To make matters worse, she had stolen spirituality to provide her daughter a dowry, selling off the nunneries.

4. The Pervy Pope

John 7 became Pope when he was just eighteen years. The youngster rapidly proved himself more interested in women than religion, to the point that his official palace came to resemble a brothel. It was stated that local monks stopped praying for his health and started praying for his death. He died in AD 964, apparently making love to a woman named Stefanetta.

5. Dark Temple And A Dog Mask

During the reign Tiberius reign, The Empire of Rome was rocked by a particularly strange sex scandal. According to one of the temple servers (noble man the king had an eye for a married woman knows Paulina, he tied all he called to lay her down but he failed.it is said that he even offered some drachmas for sex, he was however successful later on laid her on deceit.the people heard about this and were furious, he was later overthrown from the being the king.

6. The King Who Wanted People To Watch His Wife While Naked

Candaules was king of Lydia, currently Turkey; the king had a beautiful wife whom he occasionally boasted about her beauty and sex performance. In Seven hundred and eighteen BC, he lured his bodyguard to come and watch his wife naked. He persuaded him to hide behind the door of their bedroom when they were going to have sex and watch the queen hundreds. The bodyguard obeyed the king’s command, hide behind the door and saw the queen under. The queen noticed him and got furious with the bodyguard.

7. The King, His Son, His Wife, And Her Brother

A more practical scandal involved Henry, his son, and a princess. Alys and Richard had been engaged as children, and Alys was sent to live with Henry when she was nine years. But even when she passed the age of sixteen, Henry declined actually to let Richard wed her. He later took the little girl for a mistress. To make things even messier, some historians have suggested that Richard was having sex with the girl’s brother Phillip. Richard refused to marry Ally.

8. Heretical Spooning

In the late medieval period, the Temple grew increasingly worried about heretics, who were elated to admit to all sorts of embarrassing sex acts on top of their spiritual crimes. In a remarkable case, a German apostle named Leszek revealed that his church in an underground cave, the priest would insert an handle of a silver spoon in ones of the apostle’s anus, the spoon would then be used to hold a sacrifice.The priest later own told the congregation to have an orgy(sex for men with men and women with women)This marks on of the evils of sex scandals in the history of mankind.

Then the group would kiss the bishop’s buttocks and a cat’s rectum before having an orgy. The Admission was considered extremely shocking, although some historians suggest that Lepzet was probably made it up.

9. Machiavelli, Da Vinci, And The Holes Of Truth

In the early fourteenth century, the rulers of Florence placed numerous suggestion boxes that the locals could use to put in their complainant against the authorities in Florence. The suggestion boxes were filled with suggestions.

Niccole, a ruler, was accused having sodomised a seventeen-year-old. The complainant was serious, but the rulers dismissed it saying that the teenager had referred to him as her “home pest.’the investigations were conducted to verify the public’s claims. But the largest scandal came in in the later part of the century (1476) once several notes were left accused Leonardo da Vinci Carver and three different native notables of often having sex with a 17-year-old named Jacopo Saltarelli. Soon all Florence was buzzing, and therefore the artist found himself hauled sure the leader were was questioned by the then authorities, and it was clear that he had indecently sodomised the young teenager. The authorities found if better for him to step down as the ruler.

10. Emperor Qin of China

The first Chinese emperor was involved in sex scandals with a married woman.The historians says that Qin was a cruel leader, little misunderstand would cause a heavy punishment. They said he had many concubines that bore him children apart from the queen.

Sex scandals are as old as human history and civilisation. Whenever people have coexisted, there must be a sex scandal. In the above history of sex scandals, we have analysed all the cases dealing high profile personalities in the society. This is revealed by the current sex scandals involving high profile government officials.

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