10 Situations when Passengers Became Pilots in Crisis

Survival is all about bravery. One has to do all it takes in order to keep on breathing. Being one of the safest means of transportation, flying can also be amongst the most disastrous when accidents occur. Life, as we know it is not mechanical and human beings, are bound to make errors from time to time. Pilots are human beings and even though perfection is a must for them, there are bound to be errors not only technological but also physical that they make occasionally. Lack of experience, poor judgement, sickness, inadequate training are just but a few of the mistakes and health factors that can happen to a pilot. Imagine a situation in which a pilot is caught up in an awkward situation and ceases to have control of an air plane, what can you do? Some of the situations have arisen in the past. It took not only bravery but the confidence of the following people to help avert the danger that may have arisen and become heroes by saving the situation.

1. Rowan Atkinson

The month was March 2001, fan favourite actor Mr. Bean had to do all it takes in order to save his life and that of his family. Flying on a Cessna 202 from Mombasa to Nairobi, the pilot became unconscious and the plane began staggering from side to side. With the plane beginning to lose height rapidly, he took control of the plane even though he had never flown before, as the wife tried to revive the pilot. A few minutes later the pilot regained consciousness unaware of what had transpired. They eventually landed safely without anyone getting injured. Clearly a show of bravery.

2. Doug White

In 2009 this pharmacist had to put in handy his three-week flight instructions to use to save the life of his wife and two daughters .Coming from his brothers funeral flying in a twin-turboprop king airplane, the pilot became unconscious and died 10 minutes into the journey. With instructions from a flight instructor, White had to take control of the plane. Having only flown a less sophisticated plane before, he had no previous experience on how to handle such an enormous type of plane as its landing speed was much faster. With the help of flight instructors and airport traffic controllers, White managed to land the plane 20 minutes later safely. That act earned him honour from the National Air Traffic Controllers of Florida.

3. Charles Law

In November 1986, Law a passenger aboard a plane being flown by a friend had to overcome all hurdles to land a plane they were flying in. Having lost most of his eyesight,Law was legally blind.Touching his friend’s hands,he knew that all was not well and something had to be done. All he could see on the runway were only the markings of which were not enough to enable him land safely. Experienced but legally blind, he landed the plane safely. Unfortunately, his friend was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

4. Victor Consunji

February 2009 saw another crisis averted by this Businessman.The pilot of a Cessna flying this businessman had a heart attack and died on their way to Manilla. Having no prior experience and to save the lives of the other two passengers aboard,he took control of the plane.He transmitted the situation to the air traffic control and attracted the attention of a pilot from a domestic Philippines carrier.With the pilot’s instructions on how to control the airspeed and read the altitude indicators,he landed the plane safely near a beach escaping with only minor injuries.

5. John Wildley

The pilot of his Cessna collapsed and died in the cockpit handing over controls. This could bring a lot of tension as they were 40 kilometres away from the airfield when he handed over control. Wildley tried three times to land the plane to no success.On the fourth attempt, he landed though it was not a smooth landing as eye-witnesses described.Without lights and what as experts describe as flying blind’,he did quite have a good landing.

6. Troy Jenkins

Imagine a situation in which a 19-year-old boy has to take an act of bravery in order to fight for his life? This is what happened to Troy Jenkins when the pilot of Cessna piper he was aboard lost consciousness shortly after take-off over the Australia.This boy managed to keep the plane high-up as he radioed a distress call.A pilot who was flying nearby instructed him on how to maintain altitude and fly around the airfield.With the minimal instruction he had got,he was able to fly the plane until the pilot regained consciousness and landed the plane.

7. An Unknown Woman In Colorado

The husband who was also the pilot of the plane had breathing problems and lost control of the plane as it was heading toward the Rocky Mountains. To make matters worse they could not establish radio contact up until thirteen minutes later. An airline flying just nearby established contact with her and tried to instruct her on what to do but she was unable to have the plane under control.Just as she was about to deploy the parachute,the husband became conscious after almost 40 minutes and took control of the situation.

8. A woman in Spain

In 2015,this woman was returning home with her husband.As they were nearing their destination in Seville,the husband who was the pilot lost consciousness.With no previous flight experience in hand,she was forced take control of the plane and actually fly it for around 90 minutes.Visibility was not enough as the plane was above the clouds.To make a safe landing,she had to be guided with the help of a helicopter.

9. Gerry Garapich and Bob Powelson

Flying from Las Vegas to San Diego,the pilot who was operating the plane had a heart attack.These two individuals had to take matters into their own hands. Garapich took over the stick as Powelson controlled the flaps and landing gear.It was not an easy task as they were both inexperienced.On approaching the airport,they could not land as the plane’s altitude was high.They, however, descended to a safe landing.

10. Henry George Anhalt

Having never flown a plane before, the 33-year-old father of three had to learn quickly how to go about it.On their mission from the Bahamas,the pilot collapsed.With the plane running out of fuel he radioed for help and was heard by a flight instructor nearby.The plane they were in,a Piper Cherokee 6 is a high performance and usually requires very advanced training.Thus it was a difficult task for an inexperienced person.With instructions from the instructor,he was able to control the plane and bring it to landing safely and saving the lives of his wife and kids.

In conclusion, situations may arise when someone is forced to act accordingly to avert a particular crisis.It takes courage and determination to be able to face your fears and overcome challenges ahead.If caught up in a situation in which you need to save a life,do not panic.Relax and come up with possible solutions to the problem.

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