10 Surprising Items Found by Garbage Men

Here is a List of the Top 10 Surprising Items Found by Garbage Men:

1) Paintings from Egypt, Sturdy Cycles, VCRs, and More

One garbage collector found, not one but three mountain bikes (all intact and in one piece except for one with a loose rear axle and the other two with flat tires), in a garbage bin. All it took was a couple of clockwise twists using a spanner to tighten the axle and a few minutes to patch up the flat tire. Then, the garbageman sold off all the three bikes and became wealthy (at least momentarily).

Two Egyptian Papyrus paintings also somehow found their way into a garbage bin only to be found and then sold by a professionally inclined garbageman. This is not all! One fine beautiful day, the same garbage collector also found twelve VCRs (all of them in good working condition). It is said that he sold four and still has 8 of them at his home. Another lucky trash worker came across Rolling Rock beer signs that were neatly wrapped and unused, which is he promptly auctioned at Ebay to collect a cool $300.

2) Loose Dollar Bills and Snowboards –

There was an interesting story of a garbage man who had made a special room just to store his valuable collection that he had unearthed from garbage cans. These included $450 worth snowboards, fully functional music systems and boxes full of utility tools. Ironically, a couple of $100 bills were also found in a bin that must certainly have put a twinkle in the eye of the garbage collector. Another innovative garbage collector used to collect ‘thrown-away’ beer cans and then recycle them, to make $250 a month as his passive income.

3) Phones, Laptops, Games and Transmitters –

One fellow picked a completely functional PS3 while rummaging through the garbage bin assigned to his duty. This got him interested, and soon he found two laptops with slightly damaged screens, countless desktop computers, an iPhone4, an N64 and an FM transmitter. When he intensified his search that spanned a couple of months, he had collected pieces of furniture, a wide array of hunting equipment and five completely intact bottles of liquor.

4) Branded Purses –

Who could ever dream of laying his hands on a branded purse manufactured by Prada or Gucci? The lucky one was none other than our friendly neighborhood security-man. Yes, a security officer working for a wealth management company made it his hobby to fish out branded purses from the trashcan present in the company premises. Ladies working at the office were habitual of throwing away branded purses, (worth $200 on an average), brand new eye-wear, brand new clothes with tags, art supplies, and even fully functional ovens. No wonder the security officer now drives a brand new car.

5) World War II Decoding Machine –

A normal 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM working individual hired by a recycling plant got the shock of his life when he discovered a WWII Decoding Machine worth $10,000. This was a code-breaking device used by the Nazi regime to decode encrypted messages sent by the allied forces. We do not know whether he was able to sell the device or not. If he did, the trash-man must certainly have become a rich man.

6) Electronic Items –

There was an interesting garbage collector who first worked as a garbageman and then as a recycling assistant. In his tenure, he collected countless pieces of electronic items and sold them to become rich. His prized possession included hundreds of old computers that he would refurbish and sell at a high-profit margin. To make an old computer look new, he cleaned each part of the machine with a special solution, re-soldered its components and even de-aged the plastic materials using a special solution.

7) Treadmill and 50 Silver Dollar Coins –

The weirdest object that a garbageman ever found in a garbage bin was a fully functional motorized treadmill. The name of the company that manufactured this exercise machine is TechnoGym. Interestingly, the garbageman has not skipped a single exercise session to date. Another lucky garbage collector became surprisingly rich when he found a wooden box loaded with a collection of silver coins belonging to the 1920’s era.

8) A Live Kitten –

In another remarkable act of garbage collection, a live cat was rescued from a smelly garbage can. Luckily, the driver of the collection vehicle was a noble citizen who not only rescued the live animal but placed it in a clean cardboard box. After that, he set the box inside the vehicle and completed his trash collection activity for the day.

9) Needles and Ashes of a Dead Man –

In a bizarre incident, a garbage collector discovered a bag full of needles that did not have their caps intact. Ironically, this packet also contained the address of the place from where these needles had come. Another incident that surprised a seasoned trash collector was the discovery of a sealed plastic bag that contained the urn of a deceased individual. Using the address labeled on the sealed tube, when the collector reached the family members of the deceased, he was shell-shocked to hear that the ashes were thrown in the bin on purpose.

10) Bio Medical Waste and Secret Files –

A trash collector found a wide array of computer files that contained criminal acts about child abuse, which was promptly handed over to him to the cops. In another remarkable discovery, a large amount of bio-medical waste (blood samples, body parts, infected medical equipment, etc.) was located by a trash collector. He quickly called the bio-hazard control staff to handle this mess.

Now you know why someone’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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