Airplanes of the Gods

Remember growing up in India during the nineties, The Ramayana was broadcasted on Doordarshan every morning causing a curfew like situation on the roads.

We were mystified seeing all the Gods who had great powers, weaponry and the Vimaana which Ravana used to kidnap Sita which sets up war between Rama and Ravana. As a kid all I wanted was a Bow and Arrow with magical powers of destruction which I wanted to unleash on my school teachers and kids who bullied me in the school.

But now I think, all those gods and their technology, Was it even Human? Or these were aliens who performed in front of the Ancient Man leading them to believe that these were gods. Our gods were always different from humans. Some had blue skins, some had heads of animals, some had more than 2 limbs. They performed miraculous and unbelievable tasks which would be impossible using our latest technology today.


The Vimanaas : Ancient Indian Airplanes

The Vymanika Shastra tells us about these Vimaanas in detail. The technology & kind of metals to create these aircrafts, range of weapons etc. It also says that these planes had a flight manual and pilots required special kind of clothing to fly the aircrafts. Ring any Bells!! These were like the modern jets from today’s world.

It also describes how these aircrafts used the magnetic field of earth to levitate and zoom around earth at unbelievable speeds. Another technology was the use of mercury and a gyroscope to create energy enabling them highly maneuverable and incredibly fast. This is also called the Mercury Vortex technology. The same gyroscope is in the heart of every modern equipment being used today be it the aircrafts, ships or even submarines.

We have a history filled with these kind of Vimanaas, Brahmastras ( Modern Day Nuclear Weapons ) and various other ancient technologies in our ancient Mythology. It makes me wonder, What if the Gods were actually Aliens. Jai Shri Ram.


The Saqqara Bird

It was an accidental find in Egypt near the Saqqara Pyramid during the excavation of Padi-imen tomb in 1891. This artifact was made of Wood resembling a modern airplane with head of a bird and its estimated to be 2200 years old. Since discovered it has been a topic of many debates and theories. There are also strange hieroglyphs on the Saqqara Bird which read ” The Gift of Amon ” and it was lying beside a papyrus which meant ” I want to Fly” .

French archeologists who discovered this object believed that the ancient Egyptians modeled this bird after witnessing a similar kind of Ancient Aircraft in action. In 1969 Egyptian Scientist Khalil Massih discovered that the Saqqara Bird had a very aerodynamic structure. Its wings were similar to the modern airplanes also there was grooves at the tail suggesting a missing tail rudder elevator.

In 2006, Simon Sanderson a renowned aviation and aerodynamic expert, built a scale model 5 times bigger than the original Saqqara Bird and added a tail rudder elevator to it for testing in a wind tunnel. To his astonishment, the Saqqara Bird took flight. He compared it to a modern day glider as both have a similar wing structure.

Who were Egyptians trying to copy? I am sure its ancient alien technology playing a part in the ancient Egyptian world.

We will see you soon with more mind boggling posts. Till then justĀ keep looking at the night sky often, may be you can spot an Ancient Vimaana.

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