The Ancient Alien Theory Decoded

The Ancient Alien Theory proposes that aliens or extraterrestrial beings visited our planet thousands of years ago. These aliens possessed knowledge, technology and culture that was so superior to our own that we automatically regarded them as Supernatural Beings or Gods. They shared their ability with humans and early civilisations and it gave life to the human experience.

The ancient aliens had a lasting effect on human civilisation. According to the Ancient Alien Theory, the aliens were directly involved in the process of evolution. They played an active hand in the evolution of primates and humans. They utilised methods such as cross-breeding and genetic engineering to accomplish this. Eventually, the aliens created cultures, religion and technology with us and then they let us be. There were many myths propagating this idea. However, this theory was thrust into the limelight by Erich von Däniken in his book, Chariots of the Gods.


In the book, von Däniken indicates that there are artefacts and constructions in the world that are so complex that the civilisations of that time did not construct them on their own. He argues that these civilisations must have had some help from extraterrestrial beings. This help could have been in the form of knowledge, direction, tools, technology or inspiration. Von Däniken indicates some examples such as Stonehenge, Pumapunku, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Moai sculptures of Easter Island and the electric batteries of ancient Baghdad.

The author continues and indicates that ancient art and icons all over the world indicate flying vehicles, non-human beings, astronauts and artefacts of technology. In addition to that, he indicates that human civilisations that were geographically separate share certain themes of art that are strikingly similar. This indicates that these themes were borrowed from a common source. His publication was a best seller and heavily influenced society to become interested in the ancient alien theory.

Supporting events of this theory

During the 1960’s, there were many incidents that promoted the idea that ancient aliens had visited our planet. One of them was the alleged alien abduction of members of the Reed family in Great Barrington, U.S.A. Thoman Reed indicates that he and his brother were taken aboard an alien ship and they interacted with aliens in 1966. After years of investigation, polygraph tests and analysis by the US Air Force, the Thomas Reed encounter was deemed to be true by the Great Barrington Historical Society. The Reed experiences were recorded as historical facts.

In 1967, Sgt Herbert Schirmer was abducted by aliens. On the night of December 3, he witnessed a low flying disc as he drove. When he shone his headlights on it, it shot up into the sky. He also discovered a red scar on his neck. After consulting with experts, he realised that he had been abducted, returned to his car and the memory was suppressed by the aliens. In this way, he experienced some ‘missing time’ from his life. After hypnosis, he recounted that he met two aliens. There are hundreds more incidents like these throughout the decades. This was spurred on by the growing belief in aliens by the people.


The Ancient Alien Theory has been propagated and presented in Hollywood too. Movies such as E.T., Paul and the popular show Ancient Aliens all indicate the possibility of the existence of alien life. Whether you believe in them or not, ancient aliens could have visited our planet and may be planning to come again.

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