Did Christopher Columbus Really Discover Americas?

The world is full of amazing stories that even to this day hold incredible mysteries and simply just defy logic. According to history, the great navigator and explorer, Christopher Columbus discovered North America in 1492. Columbus was the first to bring back artefacts and treasure from the new world of the Americas to the old world of Europe but is it true?

What if the historians were all wrong and someone else did all this thousands of years before senor Columbus? In 1992, a German forensic team makes an extraordinary discovery. Inside several three thousand-year-old Egyptian mummies, they find what appears to be evidence of a hard-core narcotic not present in the Egypt until the late 19th century.


Outrageous hoax, or is the impossible true? The ancient Egyptians are a constant source of fascination. An extraordinary civilization that gave us the pyramids, Sphinx, and the dark mysteries of the mummies.New research has unearthed shocking evidence that may present them in a different light and makes one wonder what was really going on in the Valley of the Kings.

Recent advances in forensic science have enabled the human kind to dig deeper into its past than ever before. Searching for clues, the German forensic team began the chemical analysis of fragile and priceless ancient mummies.They were amazed by what they found. Inside here and tissue samples they discovered evidence of cocaine. So how did these Egyptian mummies, some dating back to three hundred centuries, get traces of cocaine inside them thousand years before the substance was thought to have reached the Middle East?


The only possible answer is that ancient Egyptians had the coca leaf as a result of making contact with the native South American several millennia before Columbus.The problem is the coca plant, from which cocaine derives, is only found in South America. This plant is not native to Africa so how did South American cocaine got into Egyptian mummies?

Examining the Egyptian and South American cultures might help solve this bizarre mystery. Both civilizations built pyramids and both mummified their dead. The Egyptians used salts and resins well the natives of Peru allowed their mummies to dry naturally.

But were the Peruvians using cocaine three thousand years ago? The scientists started testing the Peruvian mummies; the first few they tested were all negative but then out of the eight samples, number five was tested positive. They had no idea that cocaine metabolite will last thousands of years.Cocaine is a very good a local anaesthetic and a good pain reliever so they could have used it for medicinal purposes. Evidence of cocaine in Peruvian and Egyptian mummies poses intriguing questions.

Did the cultures actually interact? Could the Egyptians have traveled to South America? If someone could prove the theory of transatlantic travel and back it up with a significant amount of evidence, it would open a big can of worms for the scientific community.

Could the Egyptians have made the perilous Atlantic crossing before Columbus? Here’s the problem for the Egyptians: a round trip to go pick up some cocaine would have been somewhere around 32,000 miles.


First they would have had to endure the perils of Atlantic crossing, and they would have to sail around the tip of America which is an area known as Cape Horn, home of the world’s most treacherous waters, with winds so fierce that even today’s ships struggle to make headway. If they survive the Cape they would head North to Peru.For their time, the ancient Egyptians were probably the most sophisticated civilization on Earth but did they really have the sailing technology to make such an epic voyage?

The ancient Egyptians built many of their boats out of papyrus, a water plant also used for writing or painting. Due to the boat’s small size primitive sails and rigging, it is highly unlikely a vessel like this could survive a voyage to South America and back.

Unfortunately this strange, Egyptian mummies cocaine mystery poses more questions than answers and remains unsolved to this day

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