Gamma Ray Bursts and Ancient Alien Weaponry

A gamma ray is a source of radiation that’s extremely harmful to all biology, including human beings. In 1967 a series of satellites called the Vela satellites where launched, with the purpose of detecting covertly detonated nuclear weapons. By chance, these satellites discovered gamma rays coming not from Earth, but from other parts of the universe. Dubbed Gamma-ray Bursts or GRB’s, these are flashes of extremely powerful explosions believed to originate in other galaxies. They are the brightest events known to occur in the universe and last from just a few fractions of a second, to a few hours.

Are GRB’s flashes of doomsday weapons as opposed to naturally occurring events in the universe? Could a civilization artificially generate sufficient energy to create a GRB. If a civilization could indeed create a GRB, it would have at  it’s hands a weapon so powerful so as to make even the most powerful of nuclear weapons on Earth appear like nothing more than a pea shooter.


If a GRB went off anywhere within our own Milky Way galaxy,  and if the Earth was in line with one of the beams, life on Earth would go completely extinct. A GRB weapon is reminiscent of the famous Deathstar weapon on Star Wars.

All previously observed GRBs have originated from outside our galaxy, however something astoundingly similar occurs in our own galaxy and are known as soft gamma repeater flares. It’s known that the Earth has experienced several extinction events in it’s multibillion year history, and its believed by some that that a gamma-ray burst in the Milky Way, pointing directly towards the Earth, could have been the cause of some of a Earth’s mass extinction events.


Considering the idea over that GRB’s are due to ancient and powerful civilizations, one must conclude that if that were the case, that these bursts would appear to be coming from a preferred direction in space, and not from all directions. Worryingly that is exactly what has been observed by the IceCube Neutrino Observer in Antarctica. Ice Cube has been detecting an overabundance of GRBs coming from a preferred direction in space, hinting at the amazing possibility that they are, in fact, remnants of alien weaponry.

Realistically, these observations are likely to be from naturally occurring cosmic events, and it’s probably just a matter of time until astronomers identify a natural source. The observations do raise an remarkable point to consider however. Current research into possible Extraterrestrial signals are based largely upon the idea that alien signals will be transmitted by radio–due to an intentional attempt to contact us, or as a byproduct of their internal communications. Weaponry however would almost certainly emit far more detectable energy into space, albeit more narrowly focused.

Whatever the source of these GRB’s it’s fascinating to consider the notion that they are of technological origin.

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