Moon – A Spaceship or An Alien Colony

Before starting on this controversial theory let us understand the importance of moon for sustaining life on Earth.

The gravitational forces from moon create tidal motions on Earth’s Ocean creating weather patterns which are so essential for life to exist on our planet. Also, moon stabilizes rotational axis of Earth therefore we don’t have varying or sudden climate shifts which allowed the emergence of complex multi cellular organisms such as humans. These facts highlight the impact of moon on the existence of life Earth.

Spaceship Moon theory indicates that the Moon placed by advanced extra terrestrials to orbit earth because they wanted life to evolve on it. Or Aliens are using the Moon to mine precious elements of it.

Over the years by sending various spacecraft’s to study Moon, it has been found that the inner region of Moon are less dense then its outer layers i.e. Moon could be hollow from inside. Scientists studying lunar activity also indicate that whenever an asteroid hits the Moon, it rings like a bell. On November 20, 1969, The Apollo spacecraft crew  noticed that when the released lunar module crashed into the surface of Moon, there were reverberations which lasted for an hour. Also, the Apollo crew noticed that Moon had many craters which didn’t have any bottoms. These bottomless craters were believed to be the entrances to the secret alien city inside. Moon shows thousands of impact craters from meteorites over the years and generally the craters have depths proportional to their diameters which is not the case with moon.  The lunar craters have a very flat or convex bottom which suggests them hitting a very high tensile hull underneath the outer shell.

It’s been found that the rocks on Moon outdated the rocks found on Earth by a billion years and it’s is the only satellite in the solar system with a perfect circular orbit with just the right distance from Earth and the right diameter to create a solar eclipse. Coincidence or something else?

It is also believed that Moon has large deposits of Helium 3 which could be a clean source for creating a nuclear fusion reaction to fuel spaceships for interplanetary or intergalactic travels. To give an example of the power of Helium 3, One NASA spaceship filled with Helium3 can power a country like USA for an year.  Sun showers Helium 3 onto the solar system everyday but Earth gets shielded by it thanks to our magnetic field. But Moon doesn’t have  an atmosphere therefore there are large deposits of Helium 3 on the Moon. Aliens could have set up a colony deep inside it to mine this precious element as well as using the Moon as a base for universal travels.

There are various reports and pictures of UFO’s around the moon  shot from Earth, International Space Station as well as our telescopes. According to the Ancient Alien theory, NASA was warned by the aliens not to send manned missions on Moon. Consequently NASA has never sent a manned mission which landed on moon after Nov 20, 1969.

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