Popular Myths Busted

Cell Phone Gives you Cancer

All of us have heard and said this sentence to almost everyone we know. But it turns out, it’s just a myth.We all know the use of cell phones have increased manifold since 1991, surprisingly the number of brain cancer cases have dropped by half since that time. Clearly, the cell phone is  not hurting your brains. Listening to annoying people does hurt my brain.

Laptop in your lap makes men impotent

This one hurts!! Sitting normally a man would not place a laptop near his testis, it would rather be on the thigh area. There are no sperms to kill in our thighs, it may feel hot after sometime. French cancer researchers have found that radio frequency can’t break DNS molecules thus the sperm is safe anyways.

We don’t use 90% of our brains

Really!! The brain uses 20% of the total oxygen and glucose required by the body to support  something which is 90% useless. Obviously this myth can’t be true. If you see an MRI of a brain, we would see most of it active even if we are sleeping. So during a day full of activity we need a fully functioning brain.

Lightning never strikes at the same place again

We must all have seen tall buildings, airplanes and even trees getting struck by lightning over and over again. In fact a human being can also get struck by lightning a second time ( if he survived the first ) when the conditions are right. So obviously this myth is busted.

Brown Eggs Vs. White Eggs

This one is for the fitness freaks!! There is absolutely no difference in the nutritional value or the taste when it comes to both variety of the eggs. The breed of the chicken determines the color of the shell everything else is an advertising gimmick.

Bulls Hate Red

Wow!! That’s a big allegation on an animal which born color blind. These bulls are made aggressive by torturing them brutally before a bull fight, so they would go after anything. Particularly a  flapping clothes quite irritating to them thus making them ultra aggressive.

Animals predict natural disasters

So far there is no evidence that suggest animal possess any powers to predict natural disasters. Although animals are much more sensitive when it comes to hearing and smelling but these are not enough to predict a oncoming event.

Last but not the least, God Exists

Having faith in something is not a crime and so far faith in god has kept our society united. But there is no evidence that god exists, all the fact point towards Ancient Aliens.

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