Scariest Weather Phenomenon

You’ve probably seen or of heard whirlwinds, hurricanes, blizzards and tornadoes but Mother Nature can sometimes scare us with events which are not harmful at all. It would really get scary and strange as we go through the following events.

The Ball-Shaped Lightningball-shaped-lightning

This is another weird weather phenomenon. The ball shaped lightning as witnessed moves much slower than normal lightning. The ball is as large as eight feet in diameter and said to be very dangerous. Reports indicate that the ball lightning once destroyed several whole buildings in its path. You wouldn’t like to be caught in its path.

Whirl Firefire-whirl-tornado-devil
This kind of fire spirals in vertical manner like whirl wind. It is believed to be created from too much heat and pressure from an area or when heavy winds force air against its competing air direction and speed. You shouldn’t be caught in its path, I guess it is too hot. Though it only occurs in very dry regions with a recent example in Japan in 1923.

Coloured Mooncoloured-moon

Well, have you ever imagined this? Blue, green or red moon. This happens due varying atmospheric conditions and will leave the moon tinged with any color…red, blue or green. According to meteorologists, this can be attributed to various human activities on land such as excessive dust emission and smoking. Scientific explanation suggests that the eclipse can also cause the moon to change color.

Fire Rainbowfirerainbow

Fire rainbow also known as circum-horizontal arc are rare but true weird phenomenon. Usually, this occurs when the sun is at an elevation of 580 and above. It mostly happens in summer months when the sunlight enters ice crystals of clouds at a right angle. The circum-horizontal arc as the name suggests forms a fire-like arc below the sky.

Volcanic Lightning volcanic-lightning

Well, the lightning thing seems strange and fascinating. The volcanic lightning or dirty thunderstorm as it is at times referred occurs when a volcanic eruption occurs and is accompanied by lightning when the particles of an eruption collide or when the particles disintegrate. The difference in aerodynamics of these particles causes great charge on the air to resist the flow of electricity thus causing lightning. You shouldn’t wait for this, better take off when you suspect it.

Well, nature has its own strange phenomenon; some are scary while some fascinating but difficult to understand. Hope it was nice reading this.

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