10 Events That Shocked The World In 2016

In the year 2016,there were a number of events that shocked the world.Some of them were good but unfortunately,some were bad and included disasters.

Below are 10 events that shocked the world in 2016

Florida pulse club shooting


Credit: Orlando Police

On June 12th 2016,the whole world woke up to the shocking news of a shooting incident at Orlando night club,where 29-year-old Omar Manteen,an American of Afghanistan decent killed 49 people and wounded 53 others at a party that was held at the club.The act was considered to be a terrorist attack,but some people argued it was a hate attack.This was the deadliest terrorist attack since the September 11 attacks.It was the deadliest attack on Lesbian Gay bisexual and transgender community.The incident was criticised by high-ranking US officials,including the US president Barrack Obama,Hillary Clinton and Donald trump.

Nomination of Donald Trump


Credit: Voice of America

The nomination of Donald Trump as the presidential candidate by the republican party shocked the world.This was much because of his policies and his campaign strategies,especially because of his zero tolerance to terrorism,and his policy of enforcing a total Muslim ban if elected president of the United states.His utterances offended many Africa-Americans in the United States,as well as well as Muslims living in the United States.

Entry of Russian into the Syrian war


Credit: Russian Ministry of Defence, mil.ru

The entry of Russia into the Syrian conflict shocked the world.This is because the Syrian conflict turned into a war between the world’s super powers,the United States versus Russia.Russian president Vladimir Putin said he responded to a call by his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad’s call for help to fight what he called Terrorists.This created divisions between the two super powers,with Russia bombing all opposition fighters,while the US supported moderate opposition fighters,but strangely the two groups fighting ISIS.

Influx of refugees into Europe


Credit: Jmersina

The migration of refugees into Europe shocked people ,because of the large number of people who migrated from Africa,Libya and the middle East.The journey made by the refugees across the Mediterranean sea shocked the world,because of the risk factors involved,and the number of the migrants who died while making the desperate journey to Europe.

Paris shootings


Credit: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

Salah Abdeslam shot and killed people in the French capital Paris.The attacked claimed allegiance to ISIL,and it later came to be learnt that he was a member of the extremist terrorist group,and that he had attended ISIL training in Syria a number of times.The mastermind of the attack was identified as Abdelhamid Abaaoud,who was later killed by police in a Paris suburb of Saint-Denis.

Turkish attempted military coup


Credit: Own Work, Lubunya

On July 2016,a faction of the Turkish armed forces organised a coup against the Turkish government.However,forces loyal to the state defeated the resistant faction.The Gulan movement,which is led by an exiled Turkish official known as Fethulla Gulen was responsible for the coup attempt.The coup lead to a crackdown lead by the Turkish president Recep Tayyid Erdogan. Several military officials were arrested and detained.It was a test of the Turkish democracy.

United Kingdom Brexit referendum vote


Credit: Own work, LavaBaron

On June 2016,people of the United Kingdom choose to leave the European Union by way of a referendum.This shocked the world,as many people did not expect the leave campaign to win.This was because both the prime minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron and the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn were supporting the remain campaign,while the leave campaign was lead by Boris Johnson.

Brussels bombings


In march 2016,three coordinated bombings occurred in Brussels.32 people and 3 bombers were killed,with over 300 people were killed.The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Belgium attacks.The attacks shocked the world because Belgium is considered a high-security country,and its capital Brussels is a priority as far as security is concerned.

Russia and Turkey normalising relations 


Credit: Kremlin.ru

During the month of August 2016,Russia and Turkey agreed to normalise relations.This shocked the entire world because a few months earlier,Turkey had shot down a Russian military plane along the Turkey-Syria border.

South Sudan signs peace deal


Credit: Flickr: A New Dawn: South Sudan, Steve Evans

After two years of civil war,the president of South Sudan Salva Kiir signed a peace agreement with his long time rival Riek Machar,appointing him as his deputy.This brought jubilation to South Sudan and was congratulated by the United Nations.

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