Strange Alien Structures on the Moon

Something’s going on at NASA, and we’re not being told the whole truth. NASA has long been accused of covering up evidence of massive alien structures on the Moon. The belief is that NASA is hiding this evidence because the United States government is working with, or perhaps for, certain alien species to share advanced technology.

NASA employees have made stunning disclosures about knowledge and information that NASA is hiding, and claim that astronauts had direct contact with aliens. There are even claims that countless images from NASA have been edited or ‘photo-shopped’ to hide ‘sensitive’ information about classified structures on the moon. Consider for example the image below, of the “Fra Mauro Highlands” on the moon. Unknown structures can clearly be seen that do not appear to be natural, but created by some kind of intelligence.


Yet another image appears to be an communications antenna, perhaps used to communicate between an underground alien base on the moon, and their home world. The image to the left is the real image captured by orbiting spacecraft, and the image to the right is a possible reconstruction as to how this ‘antenna’ might actually look up close.


Perhaps the most disturbing image of all is what looks like a monolith structure on the moon. Fans of science fiction will recognize the similarities of the monolith on the left, with the famous monolith from Arthur C Clarke’s famous movie ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’.


Researchers and enthusiasts claim that NASA’s carefully guarded secrets are now coming to light in the 21st century internet era thanks to the fact that technology allows us to share images and ideas which are now readily available.

The Kennedy Space Centres on-line Apollo images are readily accessible on the internet, along with many other NASA resources. This wealth of data is a huge source of information for enthusiasts who spend their time scouring these images in search of tell tail signs that there are alien structures waiting to be found. Indeed, this field of research has been given it’s own name; ULO’s or Unidentified Lunar Objects is a widely used acronym in the community, and many internet forums exist that are devoted to discussing these objects and determining their credibility.

In his famous book, ‘Contact with Alien Civilizations’, author Michael Michaud explains,

Speculations about contact often challenge conventional wisdom, from biology to religion. Imagining extraterrestrials, and what they might do, irritates those most sure of an established world view. We must reconsider what we have taken for granted.

While some consider the idea that alien structures on the moon are nothing more than conspiracy theories, others believe that they point to something much bigger and more important than ourselves. The idea that we are not alone in our universe, and that company may have existed, or may still exist, on Earth’s closest neighbour.

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