Time Travelling Humans

Time travel is something which has always captured our imagination and its concept has been a part of science fiction for a number of years. In a way we are all time travelers moving ahead with time everyday but the question is, can we make time to go slow or move faster.

Einstein’s theory of special relativity already specifies that time could slow down or speed up depending on the speed at which any object moves relative to another object. A person travelling at light speed would age much slower than similarly aged people on Earth. It’s been proven with GPS satellite technology that the satellites that rotate around Earth at higher speeds gain 38 microseconds a day relative to the observers at the ground. That also means, the astronauts living on the space station are actually time travelers as they come back slightly younger than their identical twins on Earth.

Ancient Astronaut theory suggests that we are being visited by humans from future. Let’s start with some evidence to support the theory of time travelling humans.

The Time Travelling Hipster


This picture was taken in Nov, 1940, As you can notice the mysterious person marked in this picture looks way different than anyone else in the picture. He has modern day hairstyle, clothing and seems to be holding a digital camera. Various tests have been conducted on this photograph since 1940 proving that the hipster is not photo shopped.

Astronaut on a Pillar of Salamanca Cathedral Church


This cathedral located in the Spanish city of Salamanca was built in 1102 and its one of the oldest church constructions in the world. It has some of the best stone carvings on its walls. Amongst this, one can also see a carved depiction of an astronaut wearing a space suit. This carving is so intricate that one can even see the sole of the shoes. What is a 20th century astronaut doing on a religious building built in 1102.

Ancient Astronaut of Guatemala


In the heart of the Guatemala city there is a sculpture which shows uncanny resemblance to a modern day astronaut in full gear. It clearly shows a Helmet, visor and some kind of communication and breathing apparatus built into the helmet. This sculpture dates more than 2500 years old making people wonder about its existence.

The Greys


They are most recognizable form of alien beings known to the humankind. They have enlarged heads, large dark eyes, small mouth and tiny nostrils, very skinny body with long fingers on arms and legs. Their shape is so similar with humans that they are also known as humanoids. Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that in the future humans will expand their intellectual knowledge exponentially as compared to today resulting in an enlarged brain, also we would be so dependent on machinery that it will render us physically inert causing us to lose muscle and be skinny. The Greys could actually be future humans visiting us to alter our DNA or to alter events in the history to ensure human survival or any other reason.

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