10 Intriguing Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Where is Adolf Hitler’s treasure?

Imagine this!! Hitler overran 70% of Europe and looted gold bars, jewellery, artifacts and paintings worth billions of dollars from every country conquered by the German army. Once the world war ended this stolen treasure disappeared from the vaults of German Reichbank.

Treasure hunters from all over the world are still after this but no one is able to get a sniff about it. There are many theories going around, may be Hitler buried it somewhere or he took off with it on a time machine.

  1. USS Cyclops

 USS Cyclops was a proteus-class tanker ship of the US navy. In the first world war it was sent to Brazil to fuel the British ships in the southern Atlantic ocean. While returning from brazil it disappeared of the coast of Barbados around 4th march 1918. The crew and all the 306 members vanished without a trace. Its disappearance still remains an absolute mystery till now.

  1. The Bermuda Triangle

We have all heard about this mysterious triangle since our childhood. Still no one is able to decode its mystery. It is an expanse of ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. There have been numerous reports of the failure of all electrical instruments aboard an aircraft or ships going across this area. There are a variety of explanations both scientific and extraterrestrial but still no one knows the actual reason behind it.

  1. What was the “WOW” Signal?

Astronomer Jerry Ehman was so impressed and exited by a radio signal received by the “Big Ear”  Telescope at the SETI project that he wrote “WOW” on its printout. According to him, it was the most strongest and the most significant signal ever recorded pointing towards the existence of extraterrestrials.

This Signal was recorded on 15 Aug, 1977, and still no one knows the origins of this mysterious signal.

  1. The Big Foot

These are known as Yeti in the Himalayas, Yowie in Australia, Alma in Central Asia and The Big Foot all over North America. What is this creature?

People have reported seeing creature 10 – 12 ft tall with dark colored hair possessing an ability to camouflage according to its surroundings. In 1967, couple of guys managed to film a Big Foot at a place called Bluff Creek in the USA. To date this footage has been a subject of controversy but it’s never been debunked.

  1. Atlantis – The Lost City

In 350 BC, Plato described Atlantis as the city of great engineers and architects. This city was  so advanced that it could give our modern cities run for their money. It had complex architecture & an advanced irrigation system for the farmers to grow food. This civilization flourished for over 1200 years and disappeared within a day. Wiped from the face of earth.

There are arguments about the location of this city and how it got destroyed. No one has been able to find it or come to a definite conclusion yet.

  1. DB Cooper Heist

A man identifying himself as Dan cooper boarded a Northwest Airlines flight 305 on the afternoon of November 24, 1971 going from Portland to Seattle. Midflight he ordered a drink and calmly told the flight attendant that he is carrying a bomb and demanded $ 200,000 and two parachutes when they land in Seattle.

The FBI provided the ransom money and the parachutes on landing. Mr. cooper then released everyone but the Pilot, Co-pilot and the flight engineers. He instructed the pilots to fly towards Mexico city at an altitude of 10,000 ft and a speed of 200 miles per hour. The airliner took off around 7:40 pm from Seattle and around 8: 13 pm he jumped out of the plane into history.

  1. The Death of Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri

After the end of Indo-Pak war in 1965, then Prime Minister of India Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri went to Tashkent to sign an agreement to formally declare the end of the war on 10th Jan, 1966. He left India in good health and high spirits, he was mysteriously found dead in his hotel room.

It was declared that he died of a heart attack but that seemed highly suspicious as his wife Lalitha said that there was no post mortem conducted on the Prime Ministers body. One theory suggests that both Mr. Lal Bahadur Shahstri and great nuclear scientist Dr. Homi Bhabha were both assassinated by CIA as both of them were involved in Indian  nuclear programme.

  1. The Nazca Lines

It’s one of the most mysterious sights in the world perched in the high deserts of Peru. One has to go high into the air to understand the enormity and form of these geoglyphs. It had left many scientists & astronomers marveling at the precise drawings which were completed before any recorded history of human flight. Leaves us wondering who was actually behind these lines? Are these some kind of signals for the extraterrestrials?

  1. MH 370

 There is a very famous saying in Hindi with regards to lost objects ” Zameen Kha Gayi Ya Aasman Nigal Gaya”. No one has any clue where that Boeing 777 vanished in thin air without a trace and a distress signal. Navies from various nations have searched thousands of Square Miles of Indian Ocean in search of it with no joy.

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