Winter Health Myths Debunked

Despite all these myths and misconceptions about winters, don’t forget to take precautions such as dressing appropriately, and keeping ourselves well rested and hydrated to avoid any mishaps.


Cold Climate Causes Sickness

Not True. It was never true. Cold Climate actually causes body to beef up its defenses and it generates more cells to improve immunity. It’s like a defence mechanism against freezing temperatures. Just dress up well and enjoy the winters.



Don’t  Exercise outdoor  when it’s cold

Well, compared to running or doing exercises in hot temperatures where we fatigue faster by loosing fluids, the rate or pace of exercise is faster in the cold temperatures. Therefore we can burn a lot more calories while exercising in the cold, just make sure to get warmed up before doing any vigorous exercises. This helps spike up our endorphin levels as well resulting in lesser stress.



Alcohol would keep you warm

Wow!! How convenient? Alcohol actually decreases the body’s core temperature by taking the blood away from your core towards the skin. This causes people to feel a warm sensation all over their body. No more brandies now.



Antibiotics Cure Common Cold

A popular belief indeed!! Common cold is caused by a viruses and antibiotics are meant to fight bacterial infections. Our body’s immune system is capable enough to fight most viral infections, in the case of common cold  just focus on rest and hydration.



Don’t Drink cold fluids when suffering from sore throat

Hmm. Cold fluids may have some local effect on the condition of the sore throat, they may not go down too well and cause some pain or irritation but once swallowed it quickly gets at the body temperature. It doesn’t make much of a difference to your condition. Scotch on the rocks please.



Being fat insulates you from cold

Those big love handles are not insulating at all. In fact, lean people tend to have more brown fat cells which keeps your metabolism burning to raise body’s internal temperature when needed.


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